Linda has an iPhone 6+.

When the iPhone 6 and the 6+ came out, I was of course interested, but I was not that excited. Sure, these are great phones, they bring huge screens – so what’s not to like?

Well. Fact is that my iPhone 5s remains a brilliant phone regardless. It’s fast. It has Touch ID. It is easy to operate with just one hand. And it fits nicely in my pockets.

I do plan to replace it end of this year with the next iPhone iteration, though I had it pretty clear in my mind that the 4.7 inch screen size of the iPhone 6 would be the way to go for me. I could not see how the 5.5 inch screen of the iPhone 6+ could work for me. Yes, I have large hands, but I love to simply slide a phone into my pocket.

I could not imagine how these iPhone 6+ which I had seen now several times in person could fit into my pocket.
Today I was talking about some stuff with Linda when she pulled out her iPhone 6+ to show something to me. So I went:

Leo: Hey, would you mind me trying something out with that phone?

I could hardly believe it: not only did that phone slide effortlessly into the pocket of my jeans. I could also sit and move without feeling any discomfort from the phone.

I have to say that’s a surprise.
Not that I changed my mind now regarding preferring the 6 over the 6+. It’s still a gigantic phone which does not seem to feel “right”. But it’s far less cumbersome than I thought (I also admit that other pants might be less forgiving…).

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