“WE are working and YOU are drawing!!!”


I liked that latest white board challenge of mine.
I thought it was an easy way for people to contribute and make some fun of themselves.

But once more I misjudged the reactions.
So, after several days of nothing happening, I noticed somebody wrote on the “What we really do in R&D side”:

WE are working and YOU are drawing!!!

Obviously there are people running around with a broomstick up their ass…
I have to admit that I had to hold back not to quickly make fun of this with a simple drawing – it was just too easy and too tempting. But then I thought that this was not the idea. The idea was to encourage others to be creative and I obviously have lost a bit my way to trigger that.

So I decided to let it rest and wait.

A few days later more contributions appeared.
One was a written list which was okay, I guess, but also missed the point. And at least one of the lines was… hum… misguided (on a factual base). I cannot show the list here, I am afraid, but it was another indication that even when someone tries to “play” this can go wrong, too.

And finally Raja drew a relatable comparison of a guy in the lab and some folks in meetings.
This is what I had thought people would do more:

This is not as satisfactory as I want it to be and maybe I stop for a while or try something less controversial again.
This at least could be a good experiment just to see whether engaging the organization needs a more watered down theme…

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