Photo competition


We had a cultural event in the office today, organized by Indonesian colleagues, presenting their country. The event was nice and I even got to play an Angklung, a pretty cool Indonesian musical instrument.

There was also a photo competition where colleagues could showcase their best photos from trips to Indonesia. Now, I’ve been to Indonesia a few times in the meantime and while I do not think I have a great collection, some photos are rather nice. There was no limit for how many photos you could enter, so I send all of the ones I thought were nice enough to display.

Melisa, who was handling the competition had asked me before whether I would want to showcase all and maybe only enter the ones I thought were best to increase my chances to win. But I told her I did not really whether I am winning or not (I also did not expect there would be overall so few photos in the competition – in fact, I contributed nearly half of all the entries).

The reactions of people were very humbling:

“Who is Leo? He’s taking great photos!”

“Wow – these are amazing photos!”

“It’s not fair – they should not allow professionals in these competitions!”

This actually was good enough for me. Which is good, because the winning photo was indeed contributed by Marie-Emilie, who collected most votes for a nice mountain range view (lower row, third from left).

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