“Oh god! – It’s hideous!”


A few weeks ago there was an offsite from the office and amongst other things we did some pottery. The little sculptures that were built by different teams were fun to make, but we could not paint and glaze and fire them ourselves, of course. This was to be done by the coaches (or their minions) who had guided us on how to make our little works of art.

This week the final wares came back and they were shared during our Friday breakfast…

Man, my team’s pottery ware looked shit! Most other sculptures looks decent to kinda nice, but ours had a shot at the most hideous of them all. I liked it much better when it was in its clay state, but I guess I have to admit that 3 weeks of mental distance between the creation and seeing the final result might also put the real quality of one’s work into perspective.

(I also think the painting stinks)

Anyway: granted, we only spent 30-ish minutes on building what I call now our little ashtray of horrors. But with that background Patzi’s foray into pottery impresses me even more than before.

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