A day with Papa


Tess had to go to the US embassy today to do an interview for her visa. Someone had to be home to take care of Oskar while Tess was gone – and this thankful task fell on me. What a great day!

I really enjoyed having some time, just the two of us, and I want to believe he had a nice day, too. In the morning we went to a nearby playground and I took a few photos with my phone…

The playground has two kinds of slides. A lower one, which you can see above, and two damn steep ones (not only for an 18-months-old but even for an adult). Oskar was sliding down both types, and actually went more often for the steep ones… what a daredevil!

Here he’s peeking from a little opening (love the one on the lower left):

Exploring the underbelly of the climbing frame…

And showing true excitement and aptitude for the subtleties of colorful gears…

After the playground we went back home and chased each other, played with the toys, looked at a book, watched the cars, checked how the cats were doing, ate a toast with jam (i.e. licked the jam off center toast and smeared the rest from one ear to the other), shoveled poop and tussled on the bed.
I do admit I was happy when Tess returned around 11:30 am, because she’s much better at feeding him at lunch (he has not forgiven us, yet, that there’s no milk as a starter anymore for lunch, so he needs more creative convincing that the solid food alone is yummy, too).

I put him to bed for his nap (a little difficult today), then left for the German embassy (more about that later) and when I was back we spend some more quality father/son time. I had planned to take him for a swim, but we had a massive downpour early afternoon, so we skipped that but I took him for a little walk later.
It was then that I had one of my infrequent realizations how much he has grown in the past months: we were walking and sometimes I make sure he holds my hand, say, when we’re crossing a street or something. And this is when it hit me: a little while ago when we were walking and he held my hand, I had to slightly bend down, so that he could reach it. Not anymore. I can now walk perfectly upright, and we can go hand in hand without problems.

I know, I know – nobody out there cares about this. But what do I care about the cares of other people :).
I care about this very realization so much. And it makes me smile.

What a great day…

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