Weight watcher


I think it’s fair to say that I have finally managed to steadily get back to the weight I had before leaving to Europe beginning December last year. With good and heavy food for several weeks and no sport to balance it out, I had come back at 97 kg live weight. Lucky they had not charged me overweight fees in the plane…

Since then I have religiously gone running three times a week. I also decided to eat less. Not that I am forcing myself to starve, but to be honest, I regularly ate more than I had to. Taking away the joy I got from the second or third helping is not really changing my life, leave me hungry or make me feel sad. So this was pretty easy.

On running, I am super pleased with my progress. I initially ran at 9 km/h, which was a far cry from my best times in Brussels and I doubted I would ever get back to that level. Now, 3 months later, I am running 10.5 km/h to 11 km/h on weekdays for 25 minutes (plus 2×5 min at 7 km/h for warm up and cool down) and 10.5 km/h for 55 minutes on Saturdays (same warm up and cool down at 7 km/h).

I am getting close to my old shape and this makes me incredibly proud.
On top I feel better, my knees ache less and I am not out of breath when I am climbing a few flights of stairs.

I am curious where my current workout program will actually take me.
Will my weight flatten out around the 94 kg mark or will this take me further down? I have set 90.8 kg as an inspirational goal.

Let’s see…

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