No touching :(


After Oskar’s French class (of which you can find lovely videos and photos on the related Photostream) we were rushing to his swimming class, which was a make-up class for last week when it got cancelled due to heavy rain.

I was wearing my swim trunks already and had put my phone in the chest pocket of my shirt. When our cab arrived at the swimming complex, I grabbed the car seat with Oskar and put it down at the entrance to have Oskar walk by himself (together with the seat that payload has become pretty darn heavy). This is when I stooped down to open the car seat strap and…


… the phone fell out of the chest pocket onto the asphalt.
Ah, darn! It’s not the first time this phone has dropped, but this was certainly the ugliest scratch, yet. I put it into the diaper bag and we went to class.

When we were done I picked up the phone to call a cab. Only that I could not use it… the screen turned on, but the LCD digitizer did not convey any of my touch inputs.

Ah, shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!
And, by the way, did I mention: Shit!

Then I did something incredibly stupid, so listen up kids: if this happens to you, don’t reset your iPhone (i.e. do not press the Home button and the power button for 10 seconds). This might work if you have some sort of software problem, say, if your phone has crashed for instance. This will not work when your digitizer is fried (well: or if a cable got disconnected).

But what it will do is, it will lock you out of your phone. Yes, it starts up, but before the reset you could have at least logged in with TouchID. That does not work anymore when you restart the phone. You need to key in your code. Oh, and remember? Your touch screen’s not working. So you cannot type.


I will need to find a phone repair shop tomorrow and hope they can restore touch for me. The LCD backlight is apparently damaged, too: I can see a little flickering on the bottom of the screen and light bars for a few seconds after turning on the screen. But I just want to be able to run a backup and maybe have that phone survive a few more days…

… because I have naturally already ordered a new one.
In case they can fix my phone well enough, I will simply cancel the order, of course. Otherwise I will have an iPhone 6 in a few days (hey Apple: “1 business day” should not mean “delivered by Wednesday”).

I love my 5s, but quite honestly, my original iPhone survived much heavier drops and more of them. I guess that’s what happens when you make phones thinner and thinner. And, yes, I like that, too.

Just saying…

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