Watch me!


Yesterday the Apple Watch finally got available. Not for sale, that is, but for pre-orders. And as I had mentioned, the biggest disappointment about the Apple Watch is, that it’s not available in Singapore for launch (I’ll get to why I want one in another post, because my niece must know why her uncle spends silly money on a tiny piece of glass and steel).

Germany is a launch country, and I was playing with the thought to buy it there. But the prices for Apple products in Europe are always higher than in the US or Singapore, partly also due to the weaker Euro and the higher VAT.

So the US then. Here’s the problem with that: Apple does not let you buy something from their online store in the US if you do not have a US shipping address. I have a brother in California, of course, but I did not want to bother family with my urge to buy the latest toy from Cupertino.

Hence I stalled yesterday when 3:01 pm SGT came, which was the very time slot when watch pre-orders started. An hour later or so I saw Abraham sitting a few seats away from me in an event in the office who is as much into this stuff as me. There’s an understanding between us on the watch topic that has reached a level where we communicate without talking.

Our eyes met, and I questioningly tapped on my wrist.
He gave me a thumbs up.
I made big, goggly eyes.

He had successfully ordered two watches, one for himself and one for his wife (i.e. same thing I was going to do) by using comGateway, a freight forwarding service located in Portland, Oregon. And he was early enough to have at least one of these watches to be delivered to that address by April 24. Nice going!
At 5:30 pm I had my own address with comGateway and had ordered my two Apple Watches: the Apple Watch with black sport band for myself and the Apple Watch Sport with white sport band for Lamia. Things seemed to be going a-okay.

4 hours later I got this message from Apple:

Your order has been cancelled. (…)
We do not ship to freight forwarder addresses.

Uh man! Come on guys – grow a pair!

Okay, that did not go well. I checked with Abraham, but his order was still fine. Strange.
As you do in these situations of utter sadness, you turn to Twitter:

And today I got this note from Bernhard on Facebook:

Why so complicated (…)?

which is code for:

You’re an idiot!

I know, I know: I did not want to bother  family, but boy was I grateful for that way out now!
I had my second order with delivery to California going out a few minutes later and from all I can tell, it went through.
As you do in these situations of utter happiness, you turn to Twitter:

Unfortunately delivery is now only in June. The first order had still been in the 4-6 weeks window… ah, well: if the watch becomes available in May in Singapore, I can still cancel this order. :)

I am excited.
Thank you, big B!

ps. Abraham’s order got cancelled, too. But the reason they gave for him was that he had exceeded maximum quantity of watches, which is a weird thing to reject an online order for. I guess they just sent the wrong email template to him and his order got cancelled for the same reason as mine…

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