A new Tess… (and her name is Agnes)


Tess will now soon receive her visa for the US, so she can get married. Finally! This process has taken more than 3 months. We were (and are) happy for her, but the fact that we would have to replace a lovely helper and nanny was of course stressful.

So it was time for another round of interviews of new helpers. Jim sent us four profiles and we ruled out three of the girls, asking him to send one of them for an interview to our place today at 11:15 am.

When the door bell rang we were a little surprised to see five girls standing in front of the door. The one we wanted to interview, the three others we had already rejected and a new one.

I reckon the agency sent these girls also to prospective employers to give them a chance to train for interviews (or maybe they want to provide them a certain amount of interviews, so they don’t change agencies).

Interestingly it turns out that the one we wanted to interview in the first place only made third place in our rating. One we had ruled out made second. And the entirely new girl made first place. That’s maybe also a good learning: apart from language skills and previous work experience, you’re “investing” in people and character, of course, and you can be wildly surprised by someone who’s profile did not read that great (also, all the profiles look the same, so there’s not much opportunity for them to stand out).

We met our number one choice, Agnes, again later today at the agency to clarify some more questions. After we had talked to her, we asked her to step out for a bit, so we could talk. Amazingly, she asked Oskar, who was with us, to join her. While a little suspicious he eventually followed her willingly, out of our sight, and a few minutes later she had him on her arms and they were watching the fish in a little fish tank.

That finally settled our decision.

Okay: maybe she was just lucky and it was a day where Oskar accepted strangers more than usual. But normally he would have never allowed someone to pick him up without protest and fighting and looking for us.

So, Agnes will be our new Tess. She will start May 4, there will be a week overlap with Tess and then we’ll have to see how well we have chosen.

Keep your fingers crossed…

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  1. That sounds good, I am really happy for all of you. Tess is such a nice person and it must be very difficult to find someone to step into her shoes. I cross my fingers for Agnes to be the one…but Oskar’s relaxed reaction on the first encounter is very promising…

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