iPhone 6, silver, 64 GB… and a lot of time


In the end the my 5s replacement arrived one day early…

Even though my excitement is not the same as when I got the 5s because this time the damage sort of forced my hand, I of course wanted to set up the phone right away.

This turned out to be a bigger problem than I would have expected.
So here’s what happened.

  1. I first made a backup of my 5s on iCloud.
  2. I then made another backup with iTunes on my computer.
  3. And then I did all the steps you need to do when you sell or give away your iPhone. They are important so that all the cloud services will work properly. This left me with a entirely reset iPhone 5s, of course.
  4. Then I started the setup of the iPhone 6. Everything went fine until I came to the “Restore from iCloud backup” step. It did not work. And the reason why it did not work was that my iPhone 5s was running iOS 8.3, but the iPhone 6 was running iOS 8.1.3. And you cannot restore a backup from a newer iOS on an older one.
  5. Grmbl!
  6. Okay, not a big deal: I just had to install the 6 as new device, upgrade to iOS 8.3 and then run the backup. For some reason I decided to do this via iTunes. So I attached the phone, I told iTunes to run the upgrade… and then I learned that iTunes wanted to download a 1.8 GB file for that. Hum. That’s a lot. But hey: we have a 500 Mbps fiber line here (at least in theory)… that’s manageable in terms of speed (delivers best case download speed in the range of 80 Mbps wirelessly).
  7. Except that it wasn’t!
  8. The download seemed to take forever. Sure enough, when I checked I could see that the time that was predicted changed between 3 hours to 8 hours…
  9. Arrrgh!
  10. Then I tried to restart the router, because I of course thought that this was Singtel’s fault. I paused the download in iTunes when it was at 570 MB so that I could continue once the Wifi was back. I restarted the router just to find out two things: #1, the download did not speed up and #2, iTunes had lost the 570 MB download.
  11. @$&%*!
  12. I also checked (only then) the speed of our internet and it was actually running normally. So Apple was serving these 1.8 GB really slow… what the?
  13. @$&%*!*#}*@
  14. I gave up on iTunes. It was late and I did not want to have that download running the whole night (I know: nothing speaks against it, but I was not ready yet to accept this speed). I unhooked the iPhone 6 from the computer and did the download via the iOS software update. And look and behold: it was only 487 MB there. I recalled that these updates are delta updates, i.e. not the full package is downloaded but just the bits and pieces which are changed. I started the download and…
  15. … it was done in 10 minutes!
  16. This actually makes sense (I think): I’m guessing Apple propagates delta updates like iOS 8.3 across the globe, of course, so the service providers that mirror the data have it stored for access in all the relevant regions. What I was trying was getting the full package which maybe is not requested a lot. I probably had to access it from a region which is not Asia. Likely the US. And this would explain why the download was taking so long. If this is true, it certainly did not help that I was doing this update at a time when virtually the whole US is awake and using the internet.
  17. Anyway…
  18. I now will have all the app updates running over night and if everything goes well, I will have a fully functioning phone tomorrow morning.

Good night…

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