Swim class gear


Before I had that phone accident I had already wanted a secondary wallet that can also hold my phone. The only reason was the very use case that I experienced with the broken phone: when we go to Oskar’s swim classes on Sundays, I always wear my swim trunks only. I wear them when we go there and wear them (wet) when we get back. It’s Singapore. Stuff dries rather quickly here.

The thing that always bugged me was that while I would put my phone in the pocket of the swim trunks on the way to the pool, I did not want to put the phone in the wet pocket. It should not be a problem, but conceptually I did not like that. Also, the phone could slide easily out of that pocket when I was sitting (which is why I had put it in my chest pocket the other day and… well: we’ve been there.

You: Then put it into the diaper bag or some other place, you douche!

Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know.
But as I ‘ve mentioned, I like counting my steps during the day, so I want to have the phone on me at a spot where my steps are registered.

You (baffled): You really need professional help, you know?!

Say what you want, but I love tracking shit like that.
To help with this challenge I had my eye on Bellroy’s Elements Phone Pocket, a slim wallet that can hold not only your cards, some money and maybe a key, but also an iPhone 6 sized phone. I might have mentioned that to Lamia…

And look what unexpectedly arrived for me today:

Cute. What’s inside?

Something wrapped into … hum… sandwich paper?

Now, how awesome is this: Lamia got that wallet for me!

Lamia: Happy civil wedding anniversary…


Yes: we had our civil wedding on three years ago on April 7. What did I get her?

You: Worst.

Shut up! I’ll take her our for dinner this week!

Despite its size, the wallet is pleasant to wear in a back or side pocket.
And true to Bellroy’s advertisement, it remains slim even when you stuff a bunch of cards and bills inside.

Awesome! Perfectly fits the iPhone 6, too.
Can’t wait to try this out on Sunday!

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