That iPhone 6 is huge!


I know what you think:

You: Duh!

After I had sorted out a few password bumps with my new iPhone 6 this morning I got to use it with different apps and in different situations throughout the day. And I have to say I miss the compactness of my 5s!

This sounds silly and I have heard the same from others before (again confirmed by Krishna and Alex today): when you get a big phone with a 4.7 inch or larger screen, you struggle with the size at the beginning. But after a few days you get used to it and you appreciate the large screen so much more.

I believe that.
And yet…

I was stressed when I was running this morning that the phone, which I have in the pocket of my trunks, would be jumping out and hit the floor right on day 1. This was never a concern with my (heavier) 5s. The 6 is also wonderfully smooth and it’s a joy to hold it at these smooth, round edges. But this also makes it more slippery in situation like working out and even when I hold it in one hand to play a game in the MRT. Again: not a problem with the 5s which is square-edged and gives a much more secure grip in your hand.

The 6 is a marvel, don’t get me wrong.
But this thing is just fricking huge!

Let’s see how I feel about it next week…

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  1. I am sure you will get used to the size. In the beginning my HTC One (M7) seemed to be soooo huge but now I would not want to go back to a smaller phone [I also wouldn’t like to have one bigger than 5”]. Although I have to admit that the smaller smartphones feel much better in the trouser pockets ;-) Anyway, each time I see Silke’s iPhone 4s I have to wonder how tiny it is. Seems to me like they forgot part of the screen ;-)…

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