Bigger is better


It’s now my second day using my new iPhone and while I still think it’s huge I get used to that faster than I thought. Everybody I had mentioned the size issue to and who already own a larger phone told me I would likely get used to it surprisingly quickly.

And that’s true.
I still think it’s huge and while it will never feel like a 5s, I am getting the hang of it.

One thing I’ve learned is that I should use the reachability option (i.e. tapping the Home button twice so the screen slides down) versus stubbornly trying to reach the upper left corner while using the phone one-handed. I have large hands and normally I can pull this little feat off. But in a few cases I nearly dropped the phone when doing this. When Apple introduced the feature last year I thought it was more of a gimmick and that it was cumbersome.
It is cumbersome, because you need a double-tap more to do something, but it’s by no way a gimmick. This is actually useful.

Battery is interesting, too: it seems to match pretty much the performance of my 5s, likely better (but it’s a new phone with a brand new battery, so I guess this was to be expected). Airdrop seems to work more reliably than on my 5s, too, but more likely something got screwed up on the old phone during software updates and the fresh install I’ve done there now, too, likely fixed that.

I like the big screen and I used the opportunity to re-arrange all my app icons in a more logical and easy to access setup. But I do not (yet) think that the screen of my 5s looks tiny or unpleasant (but I do admit that, after having had the 5s for nearly 2 years the screen of my old 4S looks itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny now… this one has the same size as the original iPhone – anyone remembering how gigantic that screen felt when it came out?).

Now, beyond the babble I will admit it: even after only having used it so briefly, I already love the iPhone 6. The camera is amazing, by the way. That helps, too. And this mind blowing to me, because the camera of the 5s was already impressive.

I am still not as excited as I was when I upgraded from the 4S to the 5s. Mostly, I guess, because I had my mind set to getting the next version end of the year and because this was a (sort of) forced upgrade. But it is an excellent upgrade, nonetheless, even though I’d still consider the 5s a phone that is not only “good enough” right now, but in fact an outstanding and amazingly powerful handset, too.

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