Two souls alas! are dwelling in my breast.


As you know, the repair of my iPhone 5s had not been satisfactory at all and ultimately, this was the reason why I did not cancel the order for my new iPhone 6 after I had knocked out the other one.

Now, yes: I am all happy with the 6, but of course I do not accept the state of the 5s as is. I mean, hey: I coughed up 80 bucks to have it fixed. And it is not fixed. It’s more like “fixed”.

My German blood is boiling just by the thought of such sloppiness…

Today around noon I went back to the shop at Toa Payoh.
I talked to the owner and told him that the touch issue was not fixed, yet, that it still happened occasionally and that I wanted them to exchange the screen once more. The one they had used before was obviously a piece of shit and I do not like to have a piece of shit on my phone.
He said something along the lines of:

Owner: Hm, you’ll need to leave the phone here for an hour, so we can analyze it…

Yeah, sure: they’ll “analyze” it.
And then I come back and they tell me everything’s a-okay. And: bye-bye, sucker!

Okay. To be fair, how would he know that I don’t make stuff up? But then again: what would I gain from that? The problem with issues like mine is of course that you need to be able to demonstrate them. If you cannot, you have a much harder time to get people to do what you want them to do…

I had thought of that before, of course, and fortunately I had figured out a way to force that temporary touch error to occur: by setting brightness to a low or medium level and then cranking it up to maximum, I achieved a near 100% success rate in enforcing the failure.
Luckily it worked when I did this little trick in the shop.
Once I had this out of the way, there was no debate and they started to replace the screen. Once more.

Worthwhile mentioning: that skewness of the screen I had observed before and which I had attributed to the replacement parts being “rejects” from Apple’s suppliers is gone on the new screen. That flickering I had seen before when the replacement screen was powered for the first time happened also with the new one, but far less than with the first one.

And: I could not force a touch error anymore.
I walked away from the shop, very confident that my 5s was not working again just as goof as before.

Which means:

I have two perfectly fine phones lying here in front of me.
I know what you think:

You: You might be able to return that iPhone 6 to Apple. You’re still within the 2 weeks period…

Yes, I am.
And no, I won’t!

So, the good news is for my mom that I can hand down the 5s to her.
Well: or Lamia’s 5c, should Lamia want to take over my 5s… in the epic battle over what phone a husband should hand down to which of the women in his life, this one’s easy: the wife calls dibs first.

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