Scientific testing


Ah! – after a long and exhausting trip, it is just a joy to arrive at a hotel like the Hilton in Tokyo. Such a nice place, professional service and rooms which are comfy and make you feel everything’s okay.

Apropos: while Oskar had had a temperature of only 37.4 ºC in the morning, we thought we’d better check again before he goes to sleep. I took care of this and…

Leo: Lamia?!
Lamia: Yes – how high is it?
Leo: 40.1 ºC!
Lamia: Measure again!

Alright. So I measured once more.

Lamia: And?
Leo: 39.8 ºC.
Lamia: Ok, then…

Somehow it feels better when the fever of your child is below 40…
We were a little concerned and Oskar was certainly tired, but he did not show any signs of discomfort. We naturally had brought a full bag of medicine. So we had him take some and then put him to bed.

Let’s see how it goes tomorrow when we are in Kyoto.

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