Train ride to Kyoto


After a nice and very long breakfast at the Hilton we packed, took the shuttle back to Shinjuku, then a metro to Tokyo station, got the tickets for the Shinkansen to Kyoto and found delighting food for the 2 1/2 hour journey.

While waiting for our Shinkansen, I recorded this train porn for Bernhard:

Japanese Shinkansen are actually really nice trains. While I hate the Belgian Thalys and I do not think much of the French TGV, the Shinkansen is a remarkably nice means of transportation. I still consider the latest generations of ICE superior when it comes to overall luxury and looks. But the restroom in the Shinkansen was the first time in my life I saw a train toilet and was not utterly disgusted by seeing but rather thought: hm… I could stay a little bit longer and read a nice book in here. Lots of space and a exemplary baby changing area. Very, very impressive.

Oskar got some Origami stars from a friendly mom sitting a row behind us and was overall very active. Well, let’s say it: he was a little annoying. At one point Lamia tried to get him to sleep by carrying him and singing to him. But there was so much commotion in the train that he would not calm down enough and Lamia came back, exhausted from carrying 12 kg of toddler for some time. So I had a go. I am rarely successful to get him to sleep when Lamia’s not. But I guess he was tired and I was lucky that in the part of the train where I tried to get him down there were less people moving back and forth. He did fall asleep. and I was very proud…

He slept for quite a while.
When he woke up, he seemed confused. Remember: normally he falls asleep on Lamia.
He looked at me. Then he looked at my chest. And his eyes said:

Oskar: Huh? Where’s the boob?! Oh god! – there’s been a terrible mistake: I fell asleep on a boob-less chest! That’s so wrong! I need my mommy!

And sure enough he fought me off and slept a bit more on Lamia.

Eventually we would arrive in Kyoto (big plus points: elevators and escalators and ramps in the station – thank you very much!). We found the shuttle bus to the Westin Miyako and hit reception 30 minutes later for the check-in (the staff there clearly has trouble to follow an English conversation, though).

The room is spacious and nice: a good base for our upcoming excursions in Kyoto. Once we were settled we had a little walk towards the center, visited a nice park area with temples, saw quite a few kimonos, some Geishas, a lot of tourists (a lot!), had dinner at a nice little restaurant, bought some staples at a nearby convenience store, had dinner and then, finally, the whole family was in bed early, tired from a long day.

Tomorrow we start the “real” sight seeing…

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