Fever report of the day


Before I go into the sightseeing of the day, here’s a quick update of how Oskar’s illness developed throughout the day.
I had noticed it already yesterday evening, but this morning it became pretty clear that he developed a rash which started in the neck area and was now about to conquer the rest of the body and the face.

Hm. If it’s Roseola (like the pediatrician suggested), the emergence of the rash would mean that the fever has broken. But when we checked temperature in the morning it was… still 38.5 ºC. Shit! Maybe feeding him Paracetamol and Ibuprofen has delayed breaking of the fever? I really think that this is not Roseola (he should anyhow be immune to it after it occurred the first time – though the doctor had indicated it’s possible we see this happening a few times).

Anyway. I am convinced this is something else. Maybe measles, maybe Rubella (though he should be vaccinated against these for crying out loud!).

Around noon his fever was at 37.4 ºC (i.e. medication is working) and the rash was appearing now very visibly all over his body. He still seemed to be fine overall, but I still worry. This should have been over by now.

At 5 pm temperature was back up to 38.6 ºC, at 7 pm we had wrestled it down to 37.7 ºC.
We’ll have to watch how he is feeling during the night and how things pan out tomorrow morning.

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