Ginkaku-ji: The Silver Pavilion


The last visit of the day took us to Ginkaku-ji, the Silver Pavilion.
Naturally I was wondering: after the Golden Pavilion that in fact is golden, would the Silver Pavilion be actually silver?


But it’s nonetheless another marvelous garden and another stunning arrangement. Kyoto is really full of these… At the beginning of the walk, there is another kind of rock garden, though not as cleverly designed as the one at Ryōan-ji. In fact, this one looks more like a volcano to me…

But hey: what do I know?
I do know for sure that it is just a joy to walk in these Japanese gardens, hands down.

As a matter of course, there were stairs that led up a slight hill and I had to haul the stroller there…

… just to bring it down again a few meters later. I slowly get what the role of a husband and father is on family vacation… :) – but I do not want to complain: I’d do anything for those two… three.

Above photo was taken by a Frenchman (Kyoto is full of the French, by the way). He nicely fits in line with the German and Chinese photographers in terms of knowing how to take a photo. He was babbling something about thinking my ISO 800 was too high. That’s not the problem for the above shot – not with my full frame camera and not with a halfway modern crop camera. The light comes towards the lens: that’s the problem here and there is only so much we can do about that.

Anyway… don’t want to appear ungrateful that these random people were willing to take a photo of us (and let’s face it: I can rescue a lot with good post processing). And these are great memories, so thank you!

After we were done with the visit, we wanted to…


Argh – poop alarm! Yes: Oskar’s diaper had given up and shirt and pants were not in a good state. We had a replacement shirt for him with us, but not the pants. Shoot! I tried to dry them in the gents restroom with one of these Dyson-like airblade hand dryers after Lamia had somehow managed to clean the pants surprisingly well. But this turned out to be so tedious that we decided to let Oskar go commando… well. Not really commando, but, you know: without the pants and just a diaper on.

We decided to walk back to the hotel from the Silver Pavilion and this was a great idea. We had walked some backstreets of Kyoto which was very pleasant and enjoyable. Not sure how Oskar felt, but he did not seem to mind and we had put a sweater over his legs, so he wouldn’t get cold.
Back at the hotel, we measured his temperature: 38.4 ºC. This is technically not fever anymore and it is really close to his usual evening temperature (38.0 ºC ± 0.2 ºC). I will only be more comfortable when his morning temperature is in “normal” regions, though.

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