And the shuttle bus even left on time…


We returned to Kyoto and by now you might have rightfully asked yourself: didn’t he tell us Oskar had the diarrhea of the century? And that they brought lots of replacement pants to Nara for when disaster strikes? What’s with that now?

Well. I’m glad you asked. In fact, we did make it through the trip to Nara, visiting the sight and the trip back to Kyoto without a single diaper catastrophy. There was pee, but there was no poop (of whatever consistency). As you can imagine, Lamia and I mentally high fived each other a few times during the day.

So we returned. We arrived at Kyoto station. We went to the hotel shuttle bus stop. The bus came. We entered and…

There it was!

It was as if the gates had been opened and we were standing red-handed in the middle of the bus with our son’s pants changing color freakishly fast. The shuttle bus driver, clearly worried for the nice and clean seats of his vehicle, helpfully came with a newspaper that he wanted us to use as a temporary layer to put Oskar on.

But while we were caught by surprise, this was not that big of a deal, of course. We changed him right there and a few minutes later Oskar was in clean diapers and pants and no suspicious stain could be found on the seats.

That’s what a parent calls a good day.

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