Fever update


Looks like things get finally better, indeed: Oskar’s morning temperature is back to a normal 37 ºC. The rash has also disappeared. Instead, he has now developed a really mean and highly liquid diarrhea – the little marks on the bed sheets in the baby cot tell a story of what happened during the night.

We were considering moving our day trip to Nara by a day to not having to deal with a potential diarrhea disaster there and be closer to the hotel should rescue be needed. But then again, Lamia had already washed two pants yesterday which we can use as replacements during the day, if needed (and I hope that’ll be sufficient). And once it happens, it actually does not matter too much anymore where we are…

Leo: Hum… the fever is gone, but now it’s diarrhea time. I think I preferred the fever…
Lamia: You’re never happy, are you?!

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