After Tōdai-ji we walked to Kasuga-taisha, a shrine which seems to be located in an enchanted forest.

These stone lanterns make for great photos…

… especially when a model is standing right inbetween them.

As we got closer to the shrine, there were – of course – stairs.

Well, I am used to carrying stuff after a few days in Japan, of course.
Hm. I wonder how Oskar’s diaper is doing… anything unpleasant there?

Not at all. I am pleasantly surprised.

Now, here’s where we somehow screwed up at visiting the shrine. Somehow we did not find the right entrance and maybe we were sort of sidetracked by a huge school class which confused the heck out of us. I mean, how should you concentrate when you have five dozen midgets running inbetween your legs?

So we did not go inside the shrine and settled with hanging around outside.

Some more midgets coming our way…

And I have no idea what is written on these wooden blocks, but I guess it’s good wishes and hopes for the future.

So, we might not have seen the whole thing, but we still had a nice walk to and around Kasuga-taisha.
In the meantime it had gotten late and we were making our way back towards the Nara train station.

And yes: lots of stairs going down behind Lamia and Oskar…

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