Nara is the old capital of Japan and famous for more amazing sights and parks. It’s only a 45 minutes train ride from Kyoto but somehow I yet expected that we would likely face a funky diarrhea party right then,  in the train.

But I was wrong.

From the station in Nara it was just a little walk until we arrived at Tōdai-ji, a massive temple, situated once more in a lovely park setting. But what’s striking before you even get there is this:

You cannot make a step in Nara without being bullied by deer. There are lots of them and they have come to expect that you have some food for them. Okay: they are not as aggressive as the monkeys in Ubud, but they do flock together as if they had some malicious plan.
And of all the deer I have seen in my life, the deer in Nara are groomed the worst. They really look like it’s bad hair day ever day. In a way they remind me of the cows I have seen in Bangalore, Dehli and Agra – and that’s not a good thing. Still can make for a cute photo

If you make it through the deer, here’s what you gonna see: the temple building. All wood. And really big.

Stupid tourists in the way… anyway. We took the side entrance which is there for wheel chair and stroller access. Nice, I like it. Apropos “stroller”. We have a little boy in there with diarrhea. Are we already in trouble?

No, Sir!

The side entrance will take you directly to the front porch where they were about to do some BBQ…

… or set up air fresheners. Or something like that, who knows.
Inside, Lamia lit another candle for the family with Oskar.

Now, there are also two massive Buddha statues. These are really bloody impressive. Okay, maybe not the size of the resting Buddha in Wat Poh, but still. But here’s the thing: when I took photos of them, I made a fundamental mistake: it is impossible to judge from my photos how tall these guys really are.

10 cm or 10 meters? Sadly, this is impossible to tell.
Luckily I took a random shot of a model of the temple a little bit later. So here’s that model of the temple:

Now, let’s zoom in a bit. What do we see?

Aha! That’s more clear now, eh? The temple building has a total height of about 50 meters. And now you get a sense of the height of the Great Buddha which I read is roughly 18 meters, including its pedestal.

Inside the temple there are some more sculptures and statues. This scary guy, for example:

Or this… But wait a minute!

Did this thing just show me the finger?!
Maybe it’s time to move on…

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