A view to a hill: Kiyomizu-dera


While I was tired after our Fushimi Inari adventure and considered just going back to the hotel, Lamia convinced me to visit just another place: Kiyomizu-dera, another Buddhist temple. We took a metro to Eastern Kyoto, had some (excellent) cakes as a very late lunch at a random café, and then approached the temple.

Phew… quite a a steep street to get to the entrance, but hey: no stairs! And every place without stairs now felt like an easy place to visit.

Now, that looks like a lot of stairs now, doesn’t it?
Yes, it does – but Kiyomizu-dera is a friendly place for families with strollers. If you walk to the left, there is a beautiful ramp that takes you to the actual temple and yet has access to all the intermediate parts, should you want to visit them, too.

Gotta love this place!

When you follow the ramps, you also pass these little, colorfully dressed friends here, which make for a great photo:

The temple itself is actually not that sensational, I think.
It’s nice, sure. And maybe I should stop being the most ignorant traveller of them all and ask or read up about what the heck they are doing here:

Or here:

Yes, maybe.
But what I really like (because I don’t have to think about it) and simply enjoy is the visual impact of a view like this:

That’s pretty cool (and maybe the one place where I am really missing my 70-300 lens which I did not bring to Japan so I could travel light).

We did not stay long, because we started to tire from the rather exhausting day.
Oskar, of course, was full of energy now…

After an emergency diaper change, he did not smile that much anymore (har-har).
We eventually left the temple and headed back to the hotel. Once more it was close enough for a walk, so we decided to explore some more of the many streets and places of Kyoto we had missed so far…

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