Will the real Kyoto please stand up? Please stand up!


Our time in Kyoto was now nearly up and while we had been stunned and impressed by the sights we had visited, Kyoto itself looked like a rather dull, maybe even industrial city to us. Yes, there are lots of parks and shrines and temples, but inbetween the streets and places did not feel interesting.

Turns out this impression was driven by us being at maybe the wrong spots, of course. As we were walking to our hotel from Kiyomizu-dera, we randomly passed by places which were not shrines or temples, but were simply lovely as they seemed to fit better what we had expected (maybe this is just the tourist trap area, but who cares?).

After taking above shot of the happy rickshaw… eh… “engine” Lamia pointed out that two geishas were right behind me. Uuuuuh – they looked like real geishas. During the first days, every girl who wore sort of a kimono could have been a geisha in my eyes, but sometimes the ignorant traveller learns, too, and I had understood that those two could be “true” geishas.

They were also super nice to stop and smile for my photo. Thank you very much.

As we further walked towards our hotel, we also passed a very nice park area where people enjoyed the sun, hung out at a little lake and played music. Really, really beautiful.

We dwelled a little but ultimately returned the hotel and had a very Japanese dinner at a small restaurant close to the hotel where we had some sort of Japanese pizza, green onion pancakes and beer. The place was run by a very friendly, hardly English speaking old couple who I want to believe had mostly friends over, cooked for them and watched TV together… very enjoyable.

A fitting end for our stay in Kyoto.
Tomorrow we’ll return to Tokyo.

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