Day 6 and I love Tokyo…


After our train ride back to Tokyo we checked back into the Hilton at Shinjuku. We still had an afternoon to kill, so we loosely decided to go to the area around the imperial palace. Always when I hear the words “emperor” or “imperial” I have to think of Star Wars. Speaking of the ignorant traveller…

Finding the way from the metro station was not straight forward, but eventually we were moving in the right direction and soon enough we were walking within the outer walls of the imperial palace. It’s Japan, so of course there are very nice gardens to hang out in.

The gardens are not that sensational, to be frank, but simply walking around is very enjoyable.

The contrast between gardens and the surrounding city is quite interesting, too.

Look: the cranes hand out high fives!

Despite rather massive rocks in its walls, the outer parts of the palace we were frolicking in does not really give the impression it was ever build to hold back enemy forces.

Everything looks rather friendly and picturesque.

At 5 pm we had to leave the palace. Pity. It’s a nice place.

We walked back to the metro station and just walking in this part of Tokyo is just pleasant, too. I have to say I really like Tokyo, which is a big change from the impression on day 1, of course. Walking in the streets, passing by nicely arranged fountains, green areas and buildings makes you appreciate the care put into the city (they still have by no means enough elevators and escalators for a family with a stroller, but it was not that bad today).

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