Another big question gets answered in a different way


If you have been following this blog closely and really read through all my recent entries about Japan (like my buddy Francisco did), then you know that we are expecting again! … it makes me smile just writing about it :)

In the meantime we do know the gender and it was high time to let the family know, too.
Now, they say with the second baby you become a little less excited and you spend less time and efforts on things concerning the baby (yes, mom and dad, I am looking at you and the baby photo books!).

Recall when we announced Oskar’s gender to the family?
I drew a picture. We had an envelope. And a big reveal.

So based on that, I admit this time’s reveal was less staged and prepared than last time. And we missed California (because it was really an ad hoc decision to share with the curious relatives who were pushing and did not want to wait another week to arrange that).

We did not even prepare ourselves for how we’d build suspense. I had no drawing this time.
Co-indicentally we were dressed like this…

… and I took it from there:

Leo: As you can see, we are wearing blue and pink. Now, each color stands for a particular gender the baby might have. But how will you know which one it is? You will know in due time, but let’s first hear what the bets are…

Groaning on the end of the different lines.
After the bets were placed, I continued…

Leo: Now: the person whose shirt is representing the correct gender will do a little dance to visually express the answer you are all waiting to hear…

Dramatic pause.

Leo: To be clear, blue stands for a boy and pink sta…
Family: *Tell us already!*

Dramatic pause… and I started to do a wild, little dance performance.

Yes: it’s a boy! Oskar will have a brother!
And this is so awesome!

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