Tess’s farewell


In two days Tess will board a plane back to the Philippines and start a new phase in her life.
We’re happy for her, but it’s hard to see her go. Tess started to work for us and live with us in January last year and she quickly became an indispensable part of our lives.

In Germany there is a term for an exceptional nanny and housekeeper: “eine echte Perle” – “a true pearl”.
Tess is such a person. She’s amazing, Oskar loves her so much and she has done more for us than I care to admit. But this is also why we want her to be happy and why we supported her all the way when she told us the circumstances of why she wanted to leave.

So today all of us went to an Italian restaurant we had not tried before at the Botanic Gardens to have lunch and give her a little farewell present (I had hoped the restaurant ambience to be nicer, but the pizza was actually pretty good).
Lamia and I had bought her a sweater, a scarf and socks for winter – something we guessed she might not have.

This is the card we wrote:

The card reads:

Dear Tess –

thank you! For all the smiles.
For taking care of all of us.
For being a great buddy for Oskar.
For bearing with us. For the laughs.
For always being there.
For suggesting better movies.
For never giving up to put vegetables on the menu.
For turning into a Coke Light drinker for us.

But especially for becoming part of our family.
We wish you all the veeeeery best, from the bottom of our hearts!

Much love…

Nothing to add here.
Thank you, Tess!

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