Parcel Ping Pong


I had shipped out my iPhone 5s to Germany with DHL on Thursday.
It’s a present for my mom, and I sort of had hoped it would arrive on time for Mother’s Day on May 10, but I knew it would likely not make it.

Well. If I had only known how badly DHL would screw up…
So here is the tracking information of the parcel:

Yes: 27 steps! Twenty-seven!
Let’s look at them more closely, shall we?

(1) Shipment picked up. Great! I paid 67 SGD for that, so everything’s good here.
(2) Shipment on hold. Huh?

(3) Friday I got an email from DHL, stating they’d need a commercial invoice. Okay, you tossers! I get it, but what about asking this when I am dropping off the parcel, huh?! I was annoyed, but I thought: okay, not biggie. The phone likely would not have arrived anyhow on Saturday. I arranged all the information they were looking for and thought I would be done with that. Well…

(4) to (6) Good. It’s in Germany. Leipzig? Hm. Okay. I guess that’s a hub for DHL.
(7) to (8) Now it’s in Frankfurt. Okay. I guess we’re getting closer.
(9) to (15) Frankfurt and back to Leipzig. What the? … anyway. Maybe this is just about the customs status.
(16) Freiburg?!
(17) “Incorrect facility”? No shit! God, … fine: when it rains, it pours. So we’ll likely have some more delays. Shit!
(18) to (19) Aha. Stuttgart. Delivery should be imminent then…

(20) to (21) Erg… Heilbronn now? O—kay. They’ve just passed the actual destination, but who understands the logistic of big delivery companies anyway?

(22) “Address information needed; contact DHL” – This is when I hit the roof. I get that something can go wrong. I do not get that an address information is needed when I have a carbon copy of the DHL delivery slip right here in my hands which shows a perfectly fine written address information. I wrote an email to DHL to provide the information, but was majorly pissed off that there was no phone number I could call immediately. After all, I am shipping a perfectly good cell phone of rather high value and I paid quite some money to have this delivered quickly and not in a month. I want to know what the heck is happening here! I stormed out of a meeting at work and to our onsite DHL booth. I was not nice, but I was really pissed off. Maybe even more by the ignorance and cluelessness of the people working there. I shook the tree enough to get an actual DHL service number where a very professional customer care agent looked after my problem and promised a follow up.

(23) Back in Stuttgart?!
(24) “Incorrect facility”?!
(25) Stuttgart?
(26) to (27) Freiburg?! But well, it did in fact arrive. Finally!

I had several follow ups with the customer care agent who was apologetic for the screw-up of the German team, but seemed to be incapable of helping to fix it faster. I was grateful to have these follow-ups, but also told him that I’d expect at least a part refund for this shipment, given how many screw-ups have happened there.

And he agreed! There is a chance I will received a cheque with a refund within the next 4 weeks.
Okay then.

The good thing with all that trouble is that my mom received the phone.
And the world is again a little better

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