10 years Leoslifelog!


I feel I should write something about this.
I even recall that I had considered changing my blog layout or provider once more at this milestone.

But in the last 3 weeks I have been busy just catching up on all the blog entries I wanted to write since we’ve been to Japan. This took much longer than I had anticipated and I am not even done (I am writing this entry on May 27). Quite frankly, my mind is not calm enough these days to properly reflect the fact that I have been writing this blog now for a solid 10 years.

I will do this another time.

But still. 10 years… This is more than 3500 posts – content that could fill several books.
Not all of my entries are gold, of course. In fact, most of them are not. I guess they are usually copper. Or rather lead. And especially in recent months I have not taken the time to properly unclutter my thoughts and posts and polish them.

I have hardly any readers here, but yet expect of myself to write something which is not all over the place and sort of nice to read., Nevertheless, far too often I am posting things which are written very shakily (which is the reason I change many posts up to 10 times – sometimes I indicate the change with an [update] tag, sometimes I don’t).

And yet.
10 years…



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