Lamia’s watch was delivered to Bernhard’s house when we were in Japan and since then I had been impatiently waiting for mine to show up, too. Naturally, I’m getting email updates when something’s shipping, but I am one of those people who yet check every other day their Apple Store account to forcefully will their goods to ship faster.

So I had been doing this for a while.
Today I did this again. I looked at the overview, it showed that Lamia’s watch had been delivered and mine was there, waiting. “Hm”, I thought looking at this. “Why can’t I cancel mine anymore?!”

This might sound like a weird question, but the Apple Store shows whatever you’ve ordered with two very prominent buttons next to the item. One is for tracking a shipment, the other is to cancel. I always thought that the “Cancel” button was too easy to click accidentally, given its close proximity to the “Track Shipment” button, so it was very obvious to me it was missing.

In fact, re-reading the information, it actually stated my order was preparing for shipment, which in Apple terms means it will be delivered within the next 24 hours or so. Yay!

No, wait!
More like this:


Turns out that for whatever reason the emails from Apple ended up in my Spam folder. So good I’ve checked my account every so often, so I did not miss the good news.

Finally, finally! :)

Edit May 23rd
The watch arrived at Bernhard’s place on May 22 local time. Now we just have to arrange shipment of the three watches sitting there (one for Lamia, one for Marianna and one for me) to Singapore.

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