Potty training, take 2


Our last attempt of potty training with Oskar was eye opening and kind of funny, but fundamentally we learned that 17 months of age is still pretty early for training a toddler to use the potty.

So now, 3 months later, we had another go.

There is a difference versus last time: Oskar is apparently controlling peeing much more consciously now than he did back then. We did not have a bunch of wet undies this time, which was nice, but unfortunately he did not want to try the potty anymore. I guess we teamed up on him too aggressively last time, so he maybe has still sore memories from then.

Eventually, he did pee.
Not in the potty.
But on our sofa. Of course.

I won’t tell you where on the sofa. It’s anyway not as bad as what two cats would accomplish in the course of a few years.

Given Oskar is alienated to use the potty, we cut our losses and paused the effort once more.
It might be a good idea to introduce the potty as a more regular daily item for him in a playful way before we try again…

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