That’s English and that’s German


I realized today that I could use the watch to dictate text messages or request stuff Siri to do in both German and English without changing any settings.

Maybe Android is more developed on this already and can do this, too – I actually do not know -, but the fact that Siri could parse my voice input, figure out what language I was talking in and then come even up with acceptable humor…

… is pretty darn amazing. I will have to try this more and see how well it really works. Also, what happens when I mix English and German in one sentence? This is one of the things that really annoy me with Siri on the iPhone: on the phone I always talk to Siri in German because different from the watch there is a setting that fixes the spoken language. But more often than not, I want an English song being played, but unless I pronounce the English words “the German way”, this will not work and it’s much less hassle to just go to iTunes and find it yourself. Not sure the watch will be able to do this and I am too tired to try now. But the fact alone that it seems to know reasonably well which language I speak in is…. well, you’ve heard it: pretty darn amazing.

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