Eye jelly gone bad


I recently had issues with my eye sight.
First, maybe 2 months ago, I started noticing that I had trouble to read distant signs. During my recent medical exam the optician’s assessment suggested this was a rather minor issue and partly due to an astigmatism in my left eye. Well, okay then.

Now, for a week now I had new problems, however: I had trouble to focus at all, which means just reading my email on my large display at work was difficult. I had that before and attributed this to the floaters, which are a common annoyance for people with high myopia.

This time it was really bad, however, and I seriously worried.
I worried so much, in fact, that I made an appointment at an eye clinic this morning.

Lamia: You’re going voluntarily to a doctor? This must be bad!

They ran a bunch of tests, checked my eye sight, eye pressure and scanned my cornea. The latter was particularly interesting for me, because I was wondering now whether this was maybe a negative long term effect of some screw-up from my LASIK in 2010.

The doctor was checking my eyes, however, and could not find any unusual problems with my eyes. The retina was fine and he was extremely surprised that even though I have had LASIK, I still have a very thick cornea left over (he actually thought I had gone for a PRK). The cornea scan also showed no problems, so once again I was confirmed that the doctors in Turkey did an excellent job.
The problem I have is still related to floaters, which he aptly described like the solid parts in milk that has gone bad. They form at the back of the eye and then float towards the center and the sides. The further they are away from the back of the eye, the less trouble with your vision they cause. When they form, they are attached to the retina, however, and when they try to pull loose, the nerves on the retina are firing, which then leads to visual impairments like the ones I experience (sort of a transparent, maybe flickering “cloud”).

What can be done there? Well, not much. Once the new floaters have cut themselves loose, it should get better. He also told me what to watch out for: black dots, which suggest that there is blood in the eye ball (can happen when the floaters disconnect, not necessarily bad, but needs checking) and a reduced field of vision (i.e. you can only see what’s in front of you, but what’s left and right of it is covered by a shadow, which suggests retina detachment and needs immediate treatment).

In the end I’ve spent more than an hour plus 305 SGD there. The knowledge that in principle things are okay, however, and the peace of mind that I am not about to loose my eye sight is arguably worth that.

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