Birthday surprise


Lamia was weirdly secretive today, She had phone calls she did not want to talk about and seemed to look for an excuse to leave the condo at one point. Next time I looked, there was a frame standing on the dining table: her birthday present that was ready just today and had been delivered by the artist…

A word cloud!
Wow! What a great idea… and so sweet!

Thank you, my love! This is so amazing!

It took me 45 minutes to see what object the words are forming… my eyes are really screwed up!

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  1. Unfassbar mit wieviel Akribie und großer Liebe Lamia Dir Dein Fotografieren in großartigem Design präsentiert ! Wundervoll gemacht !

  2. Not just your eyes. I didn’t see it until Patricia pointed it out. I’m just as blind as you are. … Or maybe it’s a male thing?

    Nevertheless, once I saw it, every time I look at it I find another detail. Nicely done.

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