On our way to Telunas Island Resort


Tomorrow is Lamia’s birthday and she wanted to spend some time with me and Oskar at an (Wifi-free) island resort in Indonesia, actually not so far away from Singapore: you take that ferry from Harbourfront to Sekupang, which takes an hour, and then you take a 90 minute boat trip to the island resort.

Pretty cool – but we did not sit at the front, like this guy, of course.
We were here:

A funny detail: the boat is steered by foot.

During these 90 minutes the boat cruises inbetween countless Indonesian islands. Here’s one random, small piece of land in the middle of the sea…

… and here’s another one, though buying land in the Netherlands is likely a better investment than this:

Sometimes the boat had to cross heavier waves and jumped roughly through the splashing water. And my girl from Brittany was utterly enjoying herself, with her son fast asleep in her arms.

Eventually the island showed up at the horizon and the staff was already waiting at the jetty to welcome us.

A little island just for us and a bunch of other people… this should be nice.

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