A (not as) sensational sunsetDie


Yesterday’s sunset had simply blown my mind, so I naturally had scouted the area around our villa a little bit for the best spot to take photos tonight. I found a nice viewpoint with a single mangrove standing in the water close to the beach. With another colorful sky this should easily qualify as photo for a gallery.

Around 6 pm I walked along the beach to this very spot and waited.

Nice. But I was really waiting for the sun to disappear and dusk to set the sky on fire.

Okay, okay… come on… sexy, sexy…

Hum. The sky looked already much darker than yesterday around that time. This did not bode well…

Aaah… it’s happening. Or is it?
As it turns out, I did not get that colorful sky that we had had yesterday.

But I did get this:

Fudge me! – rays of sun light, slowly submerged by the dark of night.
That’s not that bad either! Not what I expected, but I left the place satisfied.

This is just such a bloody marvelous island scenery!
We’re really leaving tomorrow already?

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