Eyeballing the situation


This morning I went again to the eye doctor to do a follow-up check on my last visit. When I left the place last time, I had in my mind not to go at all. After all, the doctor had explained what happened inside my eye and confirmed the retina was fine. So why go again?

Well, truth is that just days after the first visit I experienced occasional weird white flashes in the corner of my right eye. This was confusing: my eye sight improved nicely just as the doctor had predicted, but I yet had those funky flashes. Like something was reflecting light inside my eye (only that this also happened when my eyes were closed).

This is unsettling. But I did not talk about this to anyone and did what a man does when shit like this happens: wait it out till the next appointment, which I decided I would go to then.

That was today. I had not gone blind in the last 4 weeks. I took this as a good sign.

Once it was my turn, the assistant took me into a separate room.

Assistant: We’re going to do a few checks now…
Leo: What kind of checks?
Assistant: Your eye sight, the eye pressure, we’ll dilate your pupils…

What? This is not what I worried about…

Leo: We did this last time…
Assistant: Yes, but we do it again. .
Leo: Yeah, I don’t think this is needed. This is a check after 4 weeks. Nothing has changed!
Assistant: This is the process, and it’s ordered by the doctor…

Sure it’s “the process”. Someone gotta pay for this fancy machinery and the nice sofas around here. It’s not that I have a problem with checks and paying for it (though I admit I recalled the 305 bucks I had to cough up last time). But this just annoyed me.

Leo: You know what?! I would think for a check-up it would make sense the doctor first talked to me. Then he says “How are things?”, I say “Well, so far so good and blablabla…”. – I don’t see why you have to do these checks just for the kicks.
Assistant: Hum… do you want to talk to the doctor first?
Leo: Thank you!

I guess she told the doctor there was a tall, grumpy guy who gave her trouble. Nonetheless, I got to talk to him. I told him about the flashes, and to my relief he confirmed this is what happens when the jelly starts to disconnect from the retina. Only when I’d  suddenly see black dots or a lot of floaters right after I’d have to come immediately to the emergency.

Alrighty then.

Doctor: About the vision test and the eye pressure…
Leo: Yeah, I see no point in that.
Doctor: Okay. It’s the normal process, but if you don’t want to it’s fine. But we’ll have to dilate your pupils so I can look in your eyes to confirm the retina is indeed okay.
Leo: Fine.

Everything turned out to be okay.
The bill, too: this time “only” 128 Dollars…

Worth the trouble.

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