Big boy gets a big bed


And there was not only a new car seat tonight, but we also finally set up Oskar’s new bed. We had bought this bed 2 or 3 months ago at IKEA, I actually cannot remember anymore. Since then we had waited for the right time to introduce it to Oskar, given we had so many changes happening with Tess leaving and the start of the playgroup.

Before I had talked to Oskar about him getting a new, “real” bed a few times, but I was not sure how much this had registered. Last Sunday I had gotten out just the mattress and put it in his bed room on the floor, just to give him an idea what was coming.

The good news was that the mattress was a huge success with him.
The bad news was that when we took it away, we had a huge drama.

Tonight I assembled the bed together with Oskar. He was really keen on getting it ready:

That already bore well for sleepy time. And indeed: when we got him ready to sleep, he happily jumped inside the new bed to try it out. No crying, no complaining – just a cute little Oskar who fell asleep rather quickly.

I had worried a little how he would react because since he is in the playgroup, the morning and evening routines have become a little bumpy compared to before. In the last days it has gotten better already, though (particularly after finishing the first 2 weeks at the new playgroup).

Right now it looks like Oskar seems to like the space and freedom of the new bed much better than being “imprisoned” in the baby cot. Keeping fingers crossed…

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