… and to the zoo on Friday


Today is a holiday in Singapore. So we took the opportunity to try out the new car seat and visit the Singapore zoo. Again. But now that Oskar is nearly a year older than last time we went, this was a much more interesting experience for him. The car seat works great, by the way, and is really easy to handle. Based on that first time handling this was a good purchase.

Anyway… so, there’s lots to see in a zoo…


… cheetahs…

… meerkats…

… giraffes…

and chimps.

Time for a break before we explore more of the place.

We then stopped at the Animal Friends show inside the Kidzworld. That show’s no good. We have seen before the Splash Safari and the Elephant Work and Play show. These were pretty great. The Animal Friends show has a few pets running around and jump. And while it’s kinda cute, it is not very well paced and it’s so quickly over that it feels like something’s missing. Maybe they’ve lost some of their little friends to a crocodile or tiger raid? You never know what happens in a zoo after darkness…

After this, we passed by the waterpark at the Kidzworld…

… and this is where we stayed for quite a while.
Oskar loved it so much, that I’ll make that a separate entry.

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