Wet like an Oskar


In my previous entry I had indicated that Oskar had lots of fun at the zoo’s water park. This is an area with lots of water play: slides, the occasional giant water fall from an elephant’s head, water canons, all kinds of fountains… well in short: it’s pretty rich.

We did not think of bringing Oskar’s swim trunks, but (luckily) had a change of clothes, because once the boy was inside this water adventure, there was nothing that could have gotten him out for quite a while. So here we go:

It starts with me and Oskar exploring some fountains.
He is still a little suspicious what this place is all about…

Maybe rightfully so. Here Lamia is rescuing him from said giant water fall that comes up ever so often from an elephant head that is tipping over after it has been refilled with several bathtubs of water.

But soon the suspicion…

… turned into genuine joy:

And what can I say? This joy turned into utter delight once he discovered these water canons…

(click on “Read the rest of this entry” below, if you want to see what happened with the water canons)

Look! He’s climbing onto the Chewbacca one :)

The rest of the story is wetness and splashing on different levels…

Some frontal attacks…

… and you have a concise summary of the 200+ photo series I have taken during the time we spent here.
And this is missing the water slides! Like I’ve mentioned: he didn’t have any swim trunks, but it really did not matter anymore, did it?

Next time we’ll be prepared (even) better.

After the water park and having dried Oskar there was really no point anymore to stay longer. There was no way Oskar would enjoy watching a tiger as much as this. Also, the sky got cloudy and it looked like rain, so we left and took a cab home (again: the new car seat is doing great).

This was fun!

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