Making space for the new


It’s a few weeks now that I have transferred all of my CDs from their jewel cases into these rather dull CD books:

We’ve used the same books to get rid of all of our DVDs a few months ago, which was easier than I had thought. At first I wanted to salvage the DVD booklets and artwork, but ultimately decided it was not worth it and just trashed everything. As it turns out, this is not as easy to do with music. As I stripped all the CDs off the cases, I could not bring it over me to just dump everything like I had done for the DVDs.

Leo: An album is more than just the music on it…

Since then a few hundred CDs were sitting as towers next to the wall at out dining table. I also had this idea to make them into a little diorama as a milestone of sorts – as Lamia rightfully said:

Lamia: If you think about it, it’s crazy that we have lived through the rise and fall of the Compact Disc.

Today I finally got going on this. I placed my camera and then started building. I had something like a cityscape in mind, with buildings, skyscrapers and streets, all made out of CDs.

Not so easy to keep this stable. The discs I showcase as windows on the “skyscrapers” only have a second or third disc behind them to further support the CDs I pile up on top of them. No surprise I had a few accidents with towers coming crashing down.

All the while, Lamia and Oskar watched what the heck I was doing…

Here is the fruit of my labour. It did not fully turned out the way I wanted. I did not build the “city” as deep as I had initially intended, because I had to generally build higher, otherwise you could see the ceiling, which sort of kills the effect. Still okay looking. I took photos with different apertures, but think that this one at f22 was best:

Here is a shot of the scenery from the side:

Next, I had to take all of this down again. My initial thought was that I would take out the artwork and booklets from all the cases and somehow store them. But this felt overly complex and cumbersome. Yet, I felt paralyzed – how could I throw all of this away? At first, the pure thought made me literally sick.

Then I decided to go through and dump the CDs with “simple” designs, i.e. maybe only an insert as cover and no booklet or special case. This made me dump easily 50% of the collection. While doing this, I added CDs which were basically only regular albums in a jewel case, even if they had full and richly printed booklets. If you think about it, there is nothing really special about them – it’s the memories that you connect to some of them and the quality of the art which make the choice hard. But virtually all of this is available online.

After adding this as criteria, I had pretty much everything in bags to throw out.

All of this went into the trash chute!
Here are the measly leftovers:

Some carton cases, outstanding booklets or some memories I don’t want to dump.

And while I kind of mourn the loss of all of these albums and art, there is also this massive, liberating feeling that all of that old stuff is gone and does not block anymore a few square meters in our cupboards that we can now fill with the new.

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