The Baby Shower


So my job was done. I had helped here and there and I had maneuvered an unwitting Lamia into the room where the baby shower took place. The surprise was a full success!

Lamia: You should have told me! I would have dressed nicer!

Now in the room, I was impressed how nicely Marie-Emilie, Shoko and Agnes had decorated everything.

(Photo: from Kimiko’s shoot with her EOS 70D)

And Shoko had also arranged this… erg… lollipop cake (?):

There was even a sparkler that Lamia had to blow out.

These curious “lollipops” are of cause not really lollipops but little cake orbs with sweet pearls on the outside. I got a chocolate one.

And they taste surprisingly good.

In the meantime, Oskar made friends with many of the guests. Here with Marie-Emilie.

Taisei, the son of Jonathan and Liliana, was not as lucky: he had to face Peter…

Clearly, Oskar has a thing with the ladies…

Olga, visually expressive:

Liliana and Kay with Taisei…

Taisei and Jonathan…

Hosoya-san’s son…

Friends of Shindo-san’s daughter…

After everyone had had some food and drinks, Shoko explained the baby shower activity:

She had prepared white bodies on chairs and put markers of different colors and even little stickers that can be ironed on for decoration.

And so everybody was quickly on the job to write and draw messages for the baby and for us…

Oskar helped, too:

But then again, balloons are more interesting…

I tried to get photos of everybody with Lamia or with Lamia and I, but of course we missed one or two people in the end. Nevertheless, thank you, Kimiko for taking the photos I am on.

Here is the big, “final” photo – Agnes was kind enough to take it for us:

And at the end, Lamia (and I to a certain extent) got a present to which everybody had contributed.

(Photo: from Kimiko’s shoot with her EOS 70D)

Thanks again to everyone involved! – this was another great baby shower.
And I love that Lamia wore the same shirt as last time

Peter: I love that shirt…


A little later, after we had cleaned up and were about to start Oskar’s evening routine, (the other) Kimiko dropped by to congratulate and bring a little present, too. She had not been able to join the actual shower, so this was another very nice surprise. Thank you, Kimiko!

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