Moving into the mezzanine


Men were at work today in the house: Oskar and I assembled the Sniglar changing table for his brother. Sniglar is not a great looking changing table, but it’s the most practical one IKEA has, costs only 59 SGD and this is likely the reason why virtually everybody with a baby has one. Now us included.

Lamia already shared some lovely photos of me and Oskar on the photo stream, but I also asked her to take a photo with my 6D.

I was actually quite concerned when we were finished and Oskar immediately claimed the mezzanine of the changing table as his. I already saw the fruit of our labor breaking into pieces before we have put it to use. It turns out, however, that the table holds up to Oskar’s weight with ease, even though he’s exceeding the declared maximum load of 11 kg by a bit (well, thinking about it, a changing table is likely designed with a very notable safety margin).

So I seized the opportunity and took some more photos.

In a year he won’t fit in there anymore…

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