If I buy more coffee, maybe next time I get a car?


So yesterday I had a notification in the mailbox to pick up a delivery at the next POP Station. I thought this might be my online order from Speedo, because *heck* I have been trying to find new swim trunks in Singapore for a while now and it’s just impossible to get a pair that is not terribly looking and is available in an adult size.

So, good that Lamia is home now, waiting for the baby to come and being bored to death most of the time. So this morning she went and picked up the parcel for me.

Turns out it’s from Starbucks.

That explains why they recently emailed me and asked to complete the address information in my profile: they wanted to ship over this really nice Moleskin planner.

Yep – I’m asking myself the same thing: how many cups of coffee have I purchased this year already (spoiler: a lot!).

The things is however, that even at work I memorize everything that is relevant and I rarely make notes on paper when I am in a meeting. I simply do not have use for a planner at all. But Lamia does, so I gave it to her… which technically is only fair: she picked it up after all.

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