Weird visitors


Lamia noticed a funny, motionless thing at a ceiling corner of her bathroom today. Looking up to the ~2.60 m ceiling to me this looked first like rather large, longish, black eggs that some insect left there (immediately freaking me out) or the hairy legs of a tiny bird-eater spider sitting maybe in a hole in the wall (not better at all).

I zoomed in very close with my iPhone and got this:

Ants. Okay… we’ve had ants before. Small ones, which came from a neighbors apartment. Back then, this was taken care of by building management. Then we had the same small kind of ants recently. They came from the terrace, from one of the drain pipes under the wooden deck. We put some product in front of it and within a day the ants were virtually gone (and we had to live with the realization that we might have killed a full nest of ants).

But we still found an occasional, lost ant running erratically around and just recently, we found bigger ones. We could not make out a trail so far, but those five guys up there are the largest assembly we have seen so far.

And I don’t like it.
They behave very differently from the ants we have had to date and we better figure out how to fend them off because we have more of them coming. I am just not sure yet how to find out where they come from…

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