More weird visitors


Ants have become one of the trending topics in our household again. I’ve mentioned yesterday the ant trail that we had discovered a while ago and how we killed the whole colony by a well placed pile of poison goods. Or so we thought. This morning we realized that the old trail had become a very active highway again. Shit! Consequently, I placed another helping of the poisonous bait and I hope this will take care of the critters.

Now, these are the small little ants.

We also had more of the big ones I had shown a photo of yesterday. We ran into two of them that sort of hung out around our pineapples next to a window. We killed these two and I tried to figure out whether there is a trail for these bigger ones, too. I looked up the wall, had my gaze slowly wander to the ceiling behind the shutters and…

Erg… shit! Shit! Double-shit!
The funny thing that I had already noticed yesterday about these ants is that they are very lethargic and hardly move. It’s as if they were on drugs. Or sleep.
Be it as it might, I sprayed Bleach on a kitchen paper towel and wiped out the whole set. I was sort of freaked out that they would run around wildly the moment I get close, but no: they were easy to kill. I do not take pleasure in this and it does not make me happy at all, but I simply do not want to have a corner of my house that is black with ants.

The other thing that makes me itch now is that there are several other hard to see corners in this apartment. And I wonder how many more of these ant assemblies we might have here…

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