It’s once more haze season in Singapore.
The last few days the PSI readings had already built up. Not to the insane levels of 2013, but it was reaching unhealthy levels.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday evening from my bathroom window:

This was taken at dusk, so this is not Beijing style of air pollution, but it is a grey-in-grey and not great either.
Last night and today Oskar was coughing quite a lot and I am not sure whether it is due to the haze or because he has a little cold. I feel pretty awful that I gave in and let him walk 2/3 of the way yesterday when Agnes and I picked him up from school (Oskar got me by saying “walk, walk” with his cute little voice).
While the haze is not great for anyone, it is working of course much more on the lungs of little tykes like him.

Yesterday evening we shut all the windows and doors and ran the aircos to reduce the exposure both Oskar and Thomas get. Makes you really angry at the companies that burn down forests in Indonesia instead of running a proper logging business (but it’s way cheaper and faster to burn down some hectares of forest than having machinery come and cut down the trees).

Right now the PSI readings are in the green and I could tell that the air was much better when I went outside to do the groceries today.

I hope this stays like this and will further improve throughout the next days.

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