Buying a Nikon D7200


Okay, chill: not for me – I’ll stick with Canon, though I will agree that generally spoken, Nikon continues to produce better performing bodies than Canon.

So, in the morning I picked up Hilal from her hotel and took her to Funan mall to purchase a camera and lens for Levent. Alan Photo Trading, the shop I got my 6D and EF 24-70L II from, had the D7200 body we were looking for, but not the lens (the DX Nikkor 35 f1.8G). Price of the body was okay-ish, but the salesman made this hilarious comment when I pushed a bit on the price:

Salesman: Hum, but then I will only earn 10 Dollar this morning…

On a 1250 Dollar sale.
Come on, give me break!

We then went a few levels up to go to John 3:16 for a comparison just to find out that this shop had shut down since last time I’ve been there. But there were two more shops which both offered the D7200 body for 100 Singdollar less than Alan Photo. And both had the lens, too. In the end, despite the lens being over-proportionally expensive, the set of body plus lens she bought at Click! was a great deal for one little reason I had factored in that Hilal had not considered.

So imagine how delighted she was when I told her that she could claim an additional 7% as tax refund at Changi airport for the Singaporean Goods and Services tax (well, actually it’s 7% minus a fee of 20 Dollar, but whatever…). That was another ~80 Dollar below what we had already negotiated.

Glad I could help.

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