I bought my Bose QC 15 headphones 4 years ago. And I love them. I do not want to get into discussions about audio fidelity versus other headphones on the market. The sound quality works for me good enough and I basically only use them in one use case anyway: in the plane.

And while virtually every audiophiles I have read posts of will bitch and bicker about the sound quality of these headphones, at the same time they also all rave about the noise canceling performance. And this is what really counts in a plane.

So, they are old but I did not use them that much either. So I am sort of disappointed when I discovered that the ear pieces are falling apart.

From all I know, the ear pieces should be easily replaceable, though. Maybe I can find a Bose shop in Singapore that can take care of this for me. But they do look bad. When you wear them, you have little black shit in your ears – yuck!

I guess the humidity in Singapore is the main reason for this, but it still bums me out.

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