Red zone, take 2


As you’ve seen before, Lamia’s red gym mat really makes for cool photos. Last time I’ve taken the photo with my 6D and the image quality was great, of course. But the effect of light and red is independent of the camera as long as you use a decent one, of course.

With the haze in Singapore currently still being more or less of a problem, Lamia set up a little adventure course in our living room for Oskar, which he and I had to go through. She used said gym mat as a tunnel and as things got more chaotic, the following situation developed…

This photo is taken with my iPhone 6. It’s intentionally overexposed and you can see that the edges of the mat thus give the impression they are breaking away. Nevertheless, the result is excellent if you consider it comes from a tiny imaging chip in a smart phone.

An iPhone does not deliver DSLR quality photos, but heck: at least for the increasing numbers of snapshots I do not use my DSLR anymore because the image quality is really good enough in most cases.

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